My Routine – Sandy Roland, talking about health

 Public affairs coordinator for Passport Health Plans, Sandy Roland is a producer and on-camera spokeswoman in the company’s television health segments, works as a liaison to clients, vendors and managers, and creates written communications and print material.

Book she’s currently reading: I do almost all of my reading on my iPhone, lots of news updates, work-related blogs. For enjoyment, I read Health magazine and also US Weekly, a guilty pleasure.

Online addiction: I go to the usual YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, but I also check on my eBay auctions every day. I sell a lot of perfumes, colognes and anything else I want to recycle! Want to buy some? My seller name is Thoroblader. I also go on every day, the online pin board where you can look for things that inspire you.

Biggest time-waster: Angry Birds, the online game, and Words With Friends, which is a lot like Scrabble but you play electronically.

Staple refrigerator food: This is going to sound like a lie, but vegetables — carrots, broccoli, corn, peas. I’m one of those people who enjoys healthy food; it’s not a chore for me. I’m always prepared: vegetables and chicken, vegetables and fish.

Person from history she’d most like to meet: My grandfather had a sister that I never got to meet. She died at an early age, and people say I have many of the same characteristics and interests. We’re both athletic, both enjoy writing. Her name was Kathleen Lawless.

Favorite dish in a Louisville restaurant: When I used to work downtown, I loved going to lunch at Sapporo for their Salmon Bento Box. The combination of foods are divided into sections of the “box” and they are all delicious and incredibly beautiful — vibrant colors, it’s edible art!

Favorite apparel: I’m a fashion girl, so jeans and heels for sure. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. It’s a way to add a splash of spice to something comfortable and everyday.

Hobby: Exercise. I’m at the gym about four days a week. I mix it up — cardio, weights, yoga as I get older. I also rollerblade in the summers. I just love to stay active. … It’s good living!

Home section she’s fussiest about: The kitchen counter — it’s a pile-up for junk mail!


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