Passport Health serves us well

As a local eye doctor, I see a great number of Passport Health Plan members and have for over a decade.  The federal government recently changed a rule and has allowed other insurance plans to come into Shelby, Henry, Spencer and other counties as alternate providers to Passport.  The state has gone as far as to randomly shuffle the deck and disperse 75 percent of previously covered Passport patients to other insurance plans.  While I have heard that competition is good from one side and how only the government would break an unbroken thing from the other, one thing remains constant:  Passport is a really great plan for its members.

That is why I have urged my patients that currently have Passport to call 855-446-1245 and tell the state Medicaid office that you want to stay with Passport.  If you have friends, clients, patients or family on Passport, I would urge you to do the same.  The opportunity to switch ends on Dec. 15, so it is important to make this call soon.

Some plans will urge you to try their plans, but you don’t have to.  And why would you?  Passport is widely known as one of the country’s best health-care plans in terms of quality, and it has many innovative programs to help members improve their lives and those that they love.  This has all been done while saving the state of Kentucky millions of dollars.

It’s not often you will hear someone from the medical community champion the cause of an insurance company.  However, Passport, in my opinion, has been solidly working for my patients, treats my office fairly and has done so for about 15 years.  I believe in what they do and how they do it.  In fact, I have been a volunteer on the Passport Partnership Council as the vision representative for 14 of those 15 years.

Again, I urge you to call the number above or inform those you know that have Passport to do the same.  Soon.


Dr. Dan Bowersox