Quotes: What local leaders are saying about Medicaid expansions

“The financial impact on the expansion will not hit the state for a couple of years if the federal government picks up the cost for the next three years as promised. This governor will be out of office by that time.”

Jeff Hoover, Kentucky House Republican Leader

“I would challenge any public official opposing this move to surrender his or her own … excellent, taxpayer-supported benefits.”

Greg Stumbo, Kentucky House Speaker

” This is a great step toward achieving equity in access to health care and that over time should help to make our citizens healthier and to lower health costs by getting people to the right place, at the right time, for the right care.”

Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, director of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness

“I continue to believe this should not be a unilateral decision by the executive branch.”

Robert Stivers, Kentucky Senate President

” It would really help relieve some of the burden families feel that are currently uninsured and worry about having some unexpected medical condition that could lead their family to bankruptcy.”

Bill Wagner, executive director, Family Health Centers

“My (medical) bills, they pile up because I can only pay a little at a time. It’s very stressful. I have a full-time job and it just isn’t enough.”

Tracey Hayes, 29-year-old uninsured single mom and daycare employee

“We believe that health care is a basic human right. … We measure governmental policies by asking this primary question: How will this policy affect poor persons? Today, the governor answered correctly.”

The Rev. Patrick Delahanty, executive director of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky

“Our Kentucky Health Issues Poll shows that a vast majority of Kentuckians — more than 80 percent — favor providing access to affordable, quality health care for all Americans. We applaud the governor’s decision.”

Susan Zepeda, president and chief executive officer of Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky

“The long-term financial impact of this expansion — coupled with other growing pressures on hospitals — remains to be seen.”

Carl Herde, chief financial officer, Baptist Health

“It is the right thing to do for our most vulnerable citizens.”

Ruth Brinkley, chief executive officer, KentuckyOne Health

“Adding more people to the Medicaid rolls will put a squeeze on the program’s core mission, which is children, pregnant women, the disabled and vulnerable seniors.”

Brett Guthrie, U.S. representative, R-Bowling Green

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