Expert: Exchanges Could Boost Quality Reporting, Delivery Reform

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act could be a mechanism for delivery reform and quality reporting, an insurance exchange expert said at an Alliance for Health Reform briefing on Friday, MedPage Today reports (Pittman, MedPage Today, 8/12).


Under the ACA, states by January 2014 must create online health insurance exchanges to provide coverage options for individuals and small businesses.

Most insurance exchanges will rely on a solid IT foundation to connect with advanced eligibility systems for Medicaid and other state-administered health programs (iHealthBeat, 6/27).

Details of Comments

Sarah Dash of Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reform said that insurance exchanges will be required to report quality measures on participating plans beginning in 2016 but that some marketplaces could ask insurers to record more data on specific items.

After the briefing, Dash said that states “might want to come up with new quality metrics that they think are important.”

According to Dash, several states will require plans sold through the exchange to report quality measures in the first year to provide consumers with more information when selecting coverage.

Dash said, “Whether consumers are going to be actively following that … I think that remains to be seen” (MedPage Today, 8/12).

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