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Passport Health Plan is a provider-sponsored HMO. The University of Louisville Medical School Practice Association, University of Louisville Medical Center, Jewish and St. Mary’s Healthcare, Norton Healthcare Inc., and The Louisville/Jefferson County Primary Care Association (which includes the Federally Qualified Health Centers and The Louisville Metro Department of Health and Wellness) established University Health Care, Inc.

The Plan serves approximately 120,000 members in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which is comprised of the following 16 counties: Jefferson, Oldham, Trimble, Carroll, Henry, Shelby, Spencer, Bullitt, Nelson, Washington, Marion, Larue, Hardin, Grayson, Meade, Breckinridge.

Passport Health Plan’s offices are located at 5100 Commerce Crossings Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40229.

Built by Kentuckians, for Kentuckians
Passport Health Plan (Passport) is a local, nonprofit community-based health plan sponsored by providers. We administer Medicaid benefits to members in 16 Kentucky counties. Since 1997, we have been working closely with Kentucky providers and community advocates to fulfill our mission, to improve the health and quality of life of our members.

Our provider sponsors are:
• The University of Louisville Medical School Practice Association;
• University Medical Center;
• Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence;
• Norton Healthcare; and
• Louisville/Jefferson County Primary Care Association.

Together with our provider partners and our 230 talented staff members, we have made and continue to make a huge difference in the lives of those who need us most – earning Passport a place as the #1 Medicaid health plan in Kentucky*.

We are a proud member of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), ACAP (Association for Community Affiliated Plans), and the Better Business Bureau (A+ rankings).

* NCQA’s Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2012-13 – Medicaid

Passport: Helping Kentuckians Live Healthier Lives

Continuing Success During Change
In 2012, we continued our 15-year tradition of improving the health and quality of life of our members. This was another year of great change for Passport, and we encountered it with determination, flexibility,and a steadfast resolve to serve the Commonwealth and its Medicaid members. We successfully bid to continue our important work in our region and witnessed a landslide of member and provider support.

Living the Mission
We also continued to meet the needs of the Commonwealth while affirming our values – in fact, this year we even expanded our efforts to improve our culture. Unifying internally, we were better-prepared to make a number of important changes. We worked diligently to integrate the behavioral with physical health, improved our subcontractor oversight, invested more time and energy into new, innovative programs and systems, and executed
a new contract with our state. Meanwhile, our member and provider satisfaction rates stayed high, and our health outcomes remained above the national average. All of these important efforts were recognized and have helped Passport to be ranked as the #1 Medicaid health plan in Kentucky*.

*NCQA’s Health Insurance Rankings 2012-2013 – Medicaid

2012 Annual Report

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